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What Makes a Good Coach?

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Most people may have no idea what a coach does, thinks, expects or how the relationship is supposed to work. They think, I’ve never worked with a coach before, just what can one do for me?

“Coaching is a conversation, a dialogue, whereby the coach and the individual interact in a dynamic exchange to achieve goals, enhance performance and move the individual forward to greater success.” (Zeus and Skiffington)

But it’s even more obscure when the term “Exam Coach” is mentioned and what that means. To help make it clear, here are a few thoughts of mine on being good Exam Coach and why I love it!Coaching

  • Good coaches actually coach.
  • Good coaches bring out your potential by patiently encouraging.
  • Good coaches support the individual, according to who you are, your goals, your life and never give you a “one size fits all” approach. The coaching sessions should be tailored to the individual and their circumstances.
  • Good coaches motivate, but they aren’t your only driving force. If you expect the coach to call you at home to make sure you are studying, you have a problem the coach can’t fix.
  • Good coaches set goals and project this into the future. Every session should be part of a plan with an expected outcome.
  • A good coach should help you get out of your own ways by pointing out the behaviours that aren’t working for you. It is good to be challenged and it is good to get an outsider’s perspective.
  • A good coach should challenge your limits, but never destroy you.
  • A good coach should have the depth to keep you challenged as you progress. In other words, as you get better, he or she has more left to help you progress.
  • Good coaches understand that your goals are your goals and should never impose their personal standards onto you.

Good coaches are worth it if they can get you to focus on your motivation and thinking in respect to studying and exams. This is why I love coaching, I believe I provide a better service, why? Because I am passionate about wanting to help others, I want to be the best for them.

It gives me great motivation and job satisfaction when a client’s understanding improves after a coaching session. The sense of accomplishment is fantastic when you help someone improve and give positive feedback like, “James, I couldn’t have passed that exam without you.”

My role as an Exam Coach is as much about my own personal fulfilment and growth. It gives me a definite sense of achievement doing what I do. My work doesn’t feel like a chore. As life is only a whistle-stop tour it’s important to really enjoy what I do. Because I love what I do, I feel compelled to push against myself. I want to constantly challenge myself and I am competing with myself in achieving my vision.

So by loving what I do, I hope that I not only enable students to achieve exceptional results in their accounting exams, but inspire others to pursue a career in something they are passionate about.





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