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So who is James Perry anyway?

I'm the wee rascal in the middle of my mum and dad....... I'm a 70's child (born in 1979, at 2.5 pound weight!) - the pride and joy to the 2 best parents in the world! My fondest memories as a child are of listening to my mum's infectious laugh and playing football with my dad in front garden.

I live in small village called Loughinisland in Co Down in the north of Ireland (over that hill in the picture!). It's a fantastically beautiful, tranquil, ancient and historic place! I grew up with my mum and dad in the village and this is where generations of my family have lived for hundreds of years!



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My Academic Journey 

Being an Accountant has always been in the blood.

I hold an "A" Level in Accounting, a First Class Honours Degree in Accounting from Queens University Belfast, and a Masters Degree in Advanced Accounting from University of Ulster.

I became a qualified member of Chartered Accountants Ireland in 2007, and have a certificate in Executive Coaching from the University of Cambridge. 



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From Trainee to Professional (Oh how I've aged!)

In 2003 I commenced my first day as a Trainee Chartered Accountant in the Audit Department of Grant Thornton in Belfast...... and yes I did have blonde spiky hair!! During this time I did everything from verify forged cheques, encountering fraud, auditing one of the largest private sector groups in N Ireland, and even counted fish! It was very hard work, however I achieved a great qualification and got a great grounding in business.

In 2007 I was made Senior Audit Manager in Grant Thornton and even flirted with the idea of aiming for partnership. However in 2012 I decided to try something different and freshen up my career so I was appointed a Financial Controller for the company that owns WKD - One huge change indeed! In 2014 I joined the Northern Ireland Civil Service, and I am still enjoying the challenges it brings. 




Passions, Motivation and Inspiration

I love a wide variety of things: Culture, Adventure, History, Family, Friends, Sport and Rock Music (A Rock Music loving accountant!) among lots of other things (And you've spotted it - I've even done Strictly Come Dancing in my time!). These are my passions and give me a huge drive in my life.

However I owe such a huge amount to my mum (who sadly passed away a number of years ago) who was my total motivation & driving force and also my dad, my best friend, who supports me no matter what!

Thank you both so much!


Lecturer/ Trainer/ Exam Coach

So where did the idea of becoming an Exam Coach appear from? Well, in 2006 I undertook a secondment to Grant Thornton's National Training Centre outside London and that is where my love of coaching and helping others grew. With Grant Thornton I regulary delivered training courses to other trainees and was always a speaker at client events. As Financial Controller in WKD I was responsible for a substantial finance team, therefore mentoring my staff was a daily occurrence.

I have been fortunate enough to lecture and tutor in both Queens University Belfast, University of Ulster and the private sector in the past. However through my experiences I developed my own method of coaching my clients (rather than lecturing) to enable them to achieve fantastic exam results!

Initially my coaching was performed on an ad hoc basis, until I decided to grow and develop my own business which to date has been a hugely exciting and rewarding journey. So by loving what I do, I hope that I not only enable students to achieve exceptional results in their accounting exams, but inspire others to pursue a career in something they are passionate about!

So what next?

The future for me is to continually grow both personally and professionally, I love knowledge so I want to learn many many new things and want to travel much more. But given all that, I really want to expand and grow this business to enable you guys to push forward and ultimately achieve all that you deserve!

So... To Your Success!


“With your desire to succeed and my tailored coaching… these are the keys that will unlock your full potential.”

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